3 Reasons to Choose Custom Towels for Your 2015 Marketing Plan

December 24, 2014
With 2015 already here, you are probably reviewing your marketing efforts from last year and figuring out how you can improve them in the New Year. While you have many options at your disposal, choosing a winning promotional product should be near the top of the list. Here is how custom beach towels can help your company grow. Expanding Your Brand’s Reach Whether you offer beach towels as a purchase bonus or as part of a giveaway bag, you will find many takers – everyone likes free things....
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How to Make Personalized Beach Towels Match a Company Image

December 10, 2014
Are you wondering how personalized beach towels would fit into your company’s marketing plan? The process is very simple when you have a clear brand identity. Here are ways to make your company philosophy come through on custom towels.

Be Consistent Consistency is everything when it comes to company branding. Make sure you keep the same logo in place you use on business cards, company letterheads or your business website. You want to have your custom towels work with the rest of your branded...

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4 Ideas for Beach Towel Giveaways Over the Holidays

November 25, 2014
Do beach towels and holiday gifts go hand in hand? At first glance, cold weather and ocean swims seem to have little in common, but depending on your business, you have many options with custom beach towels this holiday season. Here are four giveaway ideas. 1. Surf and Outdoors Gear If your company specializes in surf gear and apparel for water sports, you might find a dip in business when the weather gets chilly. Remember that your customers don’t lose their passion for sailing, water skiing...
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When Beach Towels Make the Perfect Holiday Promotion

November 10, 2014
You might not immediately associate the holidays with the beach. In most areas, the weather is cold and the traditions center around gatherings by the fireplace for holiday cheer. Yet it is also a popular time for vacations to beach destinations. Here is how customized beach towels can be the perfect holiday promotional item for your business. Selling an Exotic Destination If your company sells sports apparel, swimsuits, ski gear, surfboards, or travel packages, you know your customers are...
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Using Custom Beach Towels as a Marketing Tool

October 28, 2014
Any successful brand uses a multifaceted approach to generate brand awareness and to bring attention to different events that the company may be involved in. Of course, you want to use traditional means to spread the word like taking out newspaper ads and in store promotions, but you also want to take advantage long lasting promotional items like Beach Towels. In essence, promotional items are products that are intended to be useful to the consumer, but ones that can also act as a medium to...
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How to Turn Beach Towels into an Effective Marketing Tool

October 14, 2014
There are many ways to promote a new brand or add some life to an established business, but the success of your marketing campaign depends on the details. It is no different when you order custom beach towels to attract exposure for your company. Here are tips for turning beach towels into an effective marketing tool. Maintain Brand Consistency You don’t want to stray too far from the branding you already have in place when designing beach towels. Stick to the existing branding in terms of...
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5 Promotions Perfect for Customized Beach Towels

September 30, 2014
Most people see the benefits in exposure your company will get from customized beach towels. But what is the right time to offer them to clients? Here are five perfect promotions that work for company beach towels. 1. Any warm-weather launch Summer may have technically ended on the calendar, but warm-weather climates around the country keep the magic going for most of the year. Offering beach towels with any promotion makes sense. Even if the ocean has gotten too cold for a swim, your towels...
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How to Match a Beach Towel to Your Brand Identity

September 15, 2014

A brand identity is what differentiates your company from the rest of the pack. Once you figure out where you want to go as an organization, your marketing campaigns should reflect this identity, from your website to any collateral materials. Here is how to mix personalized beach towels into your brand marketing strategy.

Choose Colors Carefully

Vibrant colors on a website establish a certain personality for your company, the sort that’s perfect for a design studio or creative field. The...

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4 Ways Customized Beach Towels Make Sense All Year Round

August 14, 2014
It may be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the season for beach towels is ending as well. Here are four reasons your company should ignore the calendar when you are considering a great marketing tool like customized beach towels. 1. The calendar doesn’t stop the heat. In places like Southern California, the air stays warm well into September, and often into October. That means there are many more beach days even though kids are back in school and the lifeguards don’t work every day of...
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Customized Beach Towels Spark Any Company Promotion

July 28, 2014
Whether you are trying to move old inventory or jumpstart a new product line, you have to be clever and economicalin your promotional efforts. Personalized beach towels offer you a chance to do both effectively. A Perfect Marketing Tool Colorful beach towels with your company name and logo deliver a far-reaching message. Use them as an incentive to buy products, as a giveaway during a product launch or as a way to gain exposure in any warm season or climate. People are likely to bring towels...
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