4 Ways Customized Beach Towels Make Sense All Year Round

August 14, 2014
It may be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the season for beach towels is ending as well. Here are four reasons your company should ignore the calendar when you are considering a great marketing tool like customized beach towels. 1. The calendar doesn’t stop the heat. In places like Southern California, the air stays warm well into September, and often into October. That means there are many more beach days even though kids are back in school and the lifeguards don’t work every day of...
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Customized Beach Towels Spark Any Company Promotion

July 28, 2014
Whether you are trying to move old inventory or jumpstart a new product line, you have to be clever and economicalin your promotional efforts. Personalized beach towels offer you a chance to do both effectively. A Perfect Marketing Tool Colorful beach towels with your company name and logo deliver a far-reaching message. Use them as an incentive to buy products, as a giveaway during a product launch or as a way to gain exposure in any warm season or climate. People are likely to bring towels...
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Make Waves at Your Next Expo With Custom Beach Towels

July 14, 2014
High competition in the business world means taking your marketing to the next level, no matter how you’re trying to get your brand known. Trade shows and expos are great for exposure. However, with so many companies choosing to showcase their products and services at events like these, standing out can be extremely difficult. Luckily, the products that you choose to give out can help give the memorable impression that you’re looking for. Beach Towels Can Help You Stand Out While your...
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The Most Important Aspect of Customized Beach Towels: The Towel Itself!

June 26, 2014
Customized beach towels are a lot like businesses, as no two are truly alike! Of course, this is a great thing because when it comes to marketing, standing out from your competitors is a key asset that can prove to be invaluable for your bottom line. With so many different choices out there when it comes to beach towels; choosing the actual towel itself is one of the most important factors that can set you apart from others. That’s why when you work with BeachTowels.com, you get all of the...
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5 Ideas for Designing a Great Beach Towel

June 13, 2014
Whether you needpersonalized beach towels to market a company or celebrate a special occasion, you have the opportunity to create something memorable. Here are five ideas for designing beach towels that will stick in the minds of your audience. 1. Use a great visual. People at the beach or pool have many great visuals to consider. For your beach towel to stand out in these environments, have a standout image grab the attention of everyone in the vicinity. Stock designs can fit the bill if...
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Custom Beach Towels for More than Just the Beach

May 28, 2014
Before, towels were simply another product that you needed to purchase. However, now you can develop unique branding and a personalized experience for each of your customers or guests with the variety of custom beach towels available at BeachTowels.com! Finding Ways to Use Promotional Beach Towels is Simple Whether you own a yoga studio, tattoo shop, retail store or a company, custom beach towels can be an asset to your business. Customers Notice Minor Details Whether you notice it or not,...
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Launch Promotions for Less with Value Line Beach Towels

May 14, 2014
Planning a promotion involves factoring in how much your business must spend to get a boost in sales and exposure. If you have planned to order personalized beach towels this summer, the cost just got lower with the new Holden Value Line. Featuring long-fiber cotton material with a soft velour finish, these towels present the opportunity to promote your business without making a big investment. When you decide beach towels are the right move, don’t ignore the design process. As with an ad...
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Make Your Summertime Promotion Sizzle with Custom Beach Towels

April 28, 2014
When it comes to marketing, if you don't have the latest and greatest tactics, your company is likely to fall by the wayside. Today, increasingly unique promotional products and strategies are making it even more important to ensure that your company stands out. So, how can you be sure that your next strategy is a success? Unlike pens, mugs, and other expected products, custom beach towels will give your company the impact that you need to spread word of your brand. But, why are beach towels...
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Personalized Beach Towels Market Your Business in a Unique Way

April 14, 2014
While Internet ads are the fuel of most marketing campaigns these days, it’s important to remember the power of advertising offline. As the weather turns warmer, everyone is looking for a break from computers, smartphones and tablets personalized beach towels offer you a creative way to market your business. That impulse leads them to the outdoor spaces where spring does its best work. Marketing your product or business to an audience offline allows people to make the association between...
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Custom Beach Towels for the Warm Season Ahead

March 28, 2014
Whether you run a small hotel or large business, you can bet your customers will be heading to the beach or pool as the weather gets warmer. The question is: Do you have customized beach towels for them to use? If not, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. This spring and summer, you can change the way consumers think about your business. Custom Design Unlike specific targeted advertising, you have free rein when you order custom towels. There is no need for a creative team to...
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