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User Conduct

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* Uploading or distributing any unsolicited promotional materials by referring our association. (Holden) is a sole business entity and we have not employed anyone to represent us in business or otherwise.
* Maligning us for not so genuine or false reasons.
* Using any manual or automatic programs to hamper the navigational structure of this system.
* Trying to establish connection with our existing customers and to influence their buying behavior by giving our example or for building their business.

Warranty Disclaimer (Holden).com and all products and materials published on this website are offered without any kind of warranties. In pursuance with the applicable law and seeking fullest extent of permissibility, we disclaim all warranties, whether implied or express, but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness and merchantability for non-infringement or particular purpose. We don't claim that all functions represented on this website will be accurate or uninterrupted. We will take all measures to correct the defects, and make our website and services error free.

Limitation of Liability (Holden) bears no responsibility for any consequential or special damages that may result from the use of Beach Towel specimen that you purchase from the website. We also bear no responsibility for damages to the specimen, incurred during shipping, too.

Typographical Errors

If any of the product is mistakenly listed with incorrect price, (Holden) reserves rights to change it at any time. These changes will not reflect in the orders, which are already in the processing stage.

All the terms and conditions mentioned on this website are only applicable, if you are using the website or wishing to buy from us. We reserve rights to cancel any conditions and terms for any reason. The provisions related to intellectual property rights, limitation of liability, miscellaneous, and indemnification, shall survive termination.

Notice (Holden).com will notify you by e-mail, general notice on the website or any other reliable method.

Refunds/Returns Policy

By hitting the Checkout button on the website, you are approving that all details shown regarding your order are correct and can move into the production phase. 

Custom decorated and custom made products are non-returnable as these are created specifically for the customer. Please be sure to spend some time looking over your product proof and double check layout, colors, and any text. (Holden) is not responsible for typographic errors or for colors not matching your computer. Computer monitors should be color calibrated for the most accurate view. 

Returns of blank items will have a 20% restocking fee on all pre-approved returns. Merchandise returned to (Holden) without an RMA number (Returned Merchandise Authorization) will be refused and returned to the sender. Requests for merchandise returns must be made in writing within 10 calendar days of receipt of the merchandise. Refund requests may be eligible for 95% of the total amount of the order as long as the order has not entered into the production phase. All refunds are at the discretion of (Holden). (Holden) will do it’s best to ensure that all orders that arrive to our customer meet the quality standards set by the company. In the rare event that an order arrives with faulty product, printing, or damaged (discludes damage ensued in shipping), (Holden) will provide a credit to the customer on the amount of product that had the issues. If the issue is consistent on over 100 units of the total order, (Holden) will provide a rerun of the problem product at no additional charge. (Holden) will require the customer to send images of the product and may require samples be sent back for further inspection for final approval of credit or re-run. (Holden) is not responsible for any lost or missing shipments, or any missed in hands dates due to circumstances beyond our control.

Pre-Production Sample Policy

A pre-production sample is required on orders that are large volume, full color, where PMS color matching is needed, or at the discretion of Holden Towels.  After an order has been placed the first pre-production sample is provided at no cost to the customer. The customer is required to approve the pre-production sample prior to proceeding into production with the full order. For any additional pre-production samples requested, the customer will be charged a cost of $200 per sample. There is a limit of 3 consecutive samples per order. If approval of the pre- production sample is not given by the 3rd sample, the order will be canceled. 

If a customer chooses to purchase a pre-production sample prior to placing a full order, a charge of $200 will apply per sample. If approval is given for the pre-production sample and the order moves forward to production, 50% of the pre-production sample price paid by the customer will be credited toward the final total of the full order. 


Anyone using (Holden) will be governed by the Federal laws and laws prevalent in Texas. You agree that in case of any legal proceedings leveled against company in relation to use or products or website shall be conducted in Texas. Any cause of action, regarding the claims or purchase should be commenced with a year of purchase.


You agree to indemnify, and defend, (Holden), its directors, officers, employees, licensors suppliers and agents against all expenses resulting from attorney fees, or any other charges resulting from wrongful conduct.

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