The Benefits of Custom Beach Towels


Custom beach towels are a creative and fun way to really make something your own. Holden Towels, or, offers custom printed towels in bulk, so you can create and share your designs with everyone at a very low cost. 

Personalized beach towels have many applications. Whether you are promoting your business or organization, or want to give a custom gift to many people, our beach towels are the ideal choice. 

Make an event memorable even after it’s over by handing out custom beach towels as gifts for your attendees and participants. Promote your brand at a trade show giving people your personalized beach towel as a promotional product so they remember your business. 

They are even a great item to put in a wedding gift basket. Your friends and family can have photo beach towels with your very own image imprinted on it. For any occasion, customized beach towels from Holden Towels make a great gift or unique product. 

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize your beach towels in many different ways. Start by choosing the quantity you need, and with low minimums, smaller events and businesses can still get wholesale beach towels at prices that work for your budget. Though, a higher quantity will get you a lower per towel cost. 

Next you choose the color, or colors, of your towels. We offer one, two, and full color options so there are many ways you can personalize your wholesale beach towel order. We can even add custom artwork to your bulk beach towels, which is especially useful for companies hoping to spread their brand and logo. You can easily upload an image during customization and we offer free design services if you need help creating an image to imprint. You can check out our image file recommendation here.

Before you checkout, we make sure your beach towels in bulk look exactly the way you want because we want to earn your business and trust. The large imprint ensures that your brand and image are prominently showcased on your beach towels. With so many options, the personalization possibilities for our custom towels are virtually unlimited.

Brand Promotion

Custom beach towels are incredibly versatile as promotional products. When you put your brand on a promotional beach towel, you’re showcasing your brand in a simple way that makes a huge difference. These custom printed towels are essentially movable billboards!

Imagine having your organization’s brand and image on customized, professional beach towels on a beach or at a resort swimming area that is flooded with people. Think about how many people will walk by and notice a vibrant, eye-catching, full color custom designed towel with your brand prominently displayed.

They are perfect for hotels or clubs to print and promote their brand to guests and members. When you shop custom beach towels from Holden Towels, you receive a high quality product at a very affordable price. We have tons of styles of beach towels to choose from you are sure to find a quality product that fits your needs as well as your budget.


When you personalize a product with your image or brand and want people to remember it, you’ll want to be sure it is on a product that someone will actually use in their daily life. Beach towels are a very practical promotional item because they are useful and are associated with fun and sun before heading to the water, we all remember to grab a towel. When they are on the beach or at the pool, your custom designed towel will be on display for everyone that passes by to see.

Not only are they practical, but wholesale towels from Holden Towels are high quality. They are crafted from 100% cotton, with some styles made of 100% Turkish cotton, ensuring a soft, durable towel that keeps you warm and dry. With our many different types of towels, from light to heavy and striped to classic white, you can find something that is perfect for your customers.

Create Custom Towels Today

For companies, give something a little extra as a thank you gift to your new and existing clients to set yourself apart from your competition. When you hand them a high quality, Turkish cotton custom beach towel, they will feel as if they are getting special treatment and will remember your generosity. And the next time they go to the beach or the pool, your customers will be helping you spread the word about your business. Get creative with your marketing in order to get ahead of the competing businesses in your industry. 

Or as a personal gift, make your next event even more memorable with a personalized beach towel that your friends and family can use and enjoy for years. Giving them your custom towel will bring back all the great memories that came from your event. 

Here at Holden Towels, we have provided our clients with the best custom beach towels on the market for over 30 years and we hope to continue helping individuals as well as companies create a long lasting impression. If you want the perfect method for offering your valued customers, or those who are close to you, gifts that are durable, tailored to your specific requirements, then our custom beach towels are the product of choice.

Have questions, comments, or concerns about the products at Holden Towels? Contact us now to talk to a Holden Towels customer service representative, and we will help you with all your custom printed beach towel needs. As always, we appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Holden Towels as your wholesale custom beach towel supplier. 

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