Launch Promotions for Less with Value Line Beach Towels

May 14, 2014
  Beach Towels
Planning a promotion involves factoring in how much your business must spend to get a boost in sales and exposure. If you have planned to order personalized beach towels this summer, the cost just got lower with the new Holden Value Line. Featuring long-fiber cotton material with a soft velour finish, these towels present the opportunity to promote your business without making a big investment. When you decide beach towels are the right move, don’t ignore the design process. As with an ad campaign, your beach towels should hit the appropriate notes for your brand while taking into account the vehicle for your message. Ideally, you want a memorable design that makes people remember your company without taking any of the fun out of the summer’s day. To find the right design, Holden offers Value Line personalized beach towels on colored or white backgrounds. There are obvious advantages of choosing bright colors for a summer promotion. Lime green, turquoise and orange colors are available to make a memorable design, so all you have to do is arrange your company logo and message in the right place. Any business that needs increased exposure should consider personalized beach towels in your next marketing sweep. Advertising your social media channels on a towel can even tempt people to check out your brand / business sooner than later. Marketing opportunities abound in our highly connected world. Finding a creative way to get exposure is important for every business on a budget. With the new Value Line from Holden Towels, you can place an order and get affordable beach towels in less than a week’s time. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.290.6030.