7 Personalized (And Affordable) Gifts For Your Employees

7 Personalized (And Affordable) Gifts For Your Employees

September 17, 2018
  Beach Towels

The holidays are quickly approaching, meaning that gift-giving time is upon us. Rather than giving your employees another gift card to a coffee shop or department store, get them something to show how much you appreciate all of their hard work. These personalized gifts are the best way to demonstrate that you care and they won't break your budget. 

  • Laptop Bag: Give each employee a laptop bag that is embroidered with their name or initials is a very work-appropriate gift. Laptop bags work especially well if your employees have to bring their laptops to and from work.

  • Beach Towels: Show your employees you care about them having fun by giving them personalized beach towels. About 60% of Americans prefer to relax when they're on sandy shores over exercising. Personalized beach towels decorated with custom photos or their names are the perfect present to encourage your employees to remember to take it easy.

  • Succulent Plants: Bring some nature in the work lives of your employees by giving them each a small potted succulent to sit on their desk. These plants are easy to take care of and come at affordable prices. Do a little bit of crafting on each pot to make each a different design or label with the name of each employee.

  • Candles: Give your valued employees something pleasant to smell with customized candles. Many companies can make candles personal by printing a photo on the outside of them. Pick a photo from a recent company lunch or event and a fairly neutral candle scent, such as vanilla, and give your employees a gift they'll appreciate.

  • Sleep Masks: The best workers are the ones who are well-rested. Promote good sleep by ordering sleep masks embroidered with the names of each of your employees. Everyone sleeps, so each employee will be able to use this small and cost-friendly present.

  • Journal: Having a place to write down appointments, thoughts, and to-do lists are important for working professionals. Customize each simple journal with the employee's name or include inspiration quotes to boost motivation. Some journal companies allow you to personalize journals by printing a custom photo on the front cover.

  • Thermos: How many of your employees walk in every day with a to-go coffee cup in their hands? Promote sustainability while giving them a personal gift by ordering custom thermoses. Personalize these beverage holders by either printing a company photo on them or labeling each with the employee's name.

Whether you decide to order personalized beach towels in bulk or custom candles by the crate for your employees this holiday season, make sure you give them something that shows how much you care.