For The Beach Or For The Bath? The Differences Between The Towel Types

For The Beach Or For The Bath? The Differences Between The Towel Types

October 01, 2018
  Beach Towels

If you think a towel is just a towel, think again. The kind of towel you need when you step out of the shower is very different from the towel you peacefully use to suntan at the beach. Learn the key differences so that you don't make a mistake when you buy bulk beach towels for your next event.


You should be able to tell the difference between the two types of towels by just looking at them. Bath towels are usually designed to fit in the aesthetic of a bathroom with relaxing, monochromatic colors. Beach towels are typically brighter and bolder with fun patterns and designs. Many people even purchase custom beach towels so that they can easily spot them in the maze of towels that cover any given beach. 


Beach towels typically outdo bath towel in size by approximately 30 centimeters. While bath towels are primarily made for utilitarian purposes, a beach towel serves as your tanning bed, pillow, and makeshift swimsuit cover-up. Approximately 53% of beachgoers prefer to nap while they're at the beach, and the large size of a beach towel makes a perfect bed for them.


A bath towel is identical in its fluffy texture on both sides, but a beach towel has two distinct sides. One side is designed to dry off your body after being in the water, so it is more absorbent. The other is designed to not get clogged up with sand or get overly soggy. The absorbent side has loops all over it, while the reverse side is loop-free, making it smooth and sand-repellent.


You can find the differences between the two towels by touching them and judging their thickness. The purpose of a bath towel is to get you dry as quickly as possible, so they tend to be very thick. When you're at the beach, getting dry is less of a priority, as relaxing and soaking in the sun are the goals of the day. The lightness of beach towels also allows them to dry more quickly and makes them lighter as you carry them around in your beach bag. 

Whether you're buying bulk beach towels or purchasing just a few, you want to make sure that you choose them over bath towels for your day on the beach.