Using Custom Beach Towels as a Marketing Tool

October 28, 2014
  Beach Towels
Any successful brand uses a multifaceted approach to generate brand awareness and to bring attention to different events that the company may be involved in. Of course, you want to use traditional means to spread the word like taking out newspaper ads and in store promotions, but you also want to take advantage long lasting promotional items like Beach Towels. In essence, promotional items are products that are intended to be useful to the consumer, but ones that can also act as a medium to raise awareness of a brand or event. We have all seen the T-shirts, sweaters and caps that many brands produce with their logo or in commemoration of an event. Many of us do not realize it, but these items are more than functional and there is a subtle marketing message that is being conveyed. As a promotional item, personalized beach towels can offer a unique opportunity for raising brand or event awareness that is similar to a T-shirt or a cap, but it may be a better fit for a range of different opportunities. First of all, custom beach towels takes you away from the standard promotional items that everybody is already familiar with and it offers a much larger space to get visual and deliver the message. This is a product that consumers will find practical and every time that they use it, they will be putting your brand or message on display. Once it is out there, it is essentially free advertising. With personalized beach towels, you can choose from different colors, designs and sizes to customize the beach towels depending on the brand, logo and the message (if any) that you like to relay. You can choose from stock images and lettering to make the process quick and easy or you can design them with a custom logo that is unique to the brand or event. A well-made beach towel is a quality product that will last the user for many years, if not a lifetime. You can sell them as an item to promote a brand or you can offer them as promotional give aways with related products. The key to making a personalized beach towel an effective marketing tool is to get them out there and in use by everyday people. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.290.6030.