5 Promotions Perfect for Customized Beach Towels

September 30, 2014
  Beach Towels
Most people see the benefits in exposure your company will get from customized beach towels. But what is the right time to offer them to clients? Here are five perfect promotions that work for company beach towels. 1. Any warm-weather launch Summer may have technically ended on the calendar, but warm-weather climates around the country keep the magic going for most of the year. Offering beach towels with any promotion makes sense. Even if the ocean has gotten too cold for a swim, your towels will be seen during days at the pool. 2. New products If you ever wanted to make an impression on your clientele, offer company beach towels with splashy color designs when releasing a new product. You’ll raise the exposure level and get people’s attention with your towels. Affordable pricing makes this accessory a no-brainer for any company. 3. New locations Is your business booming enough that you opened a new location? Customized beach towels serve as an easy reference point for the opening date and the address of your new shop. Instead of sending an email people automatically delete, you can create a permanent reminder that spreads the word about your new location. 4. Anything environmental Environmental causes focus on saving our most exquisite natural resources, which immediately brings to mind the world’s rivers and oceans. Fund-raising drives for environmental organizations or the launch of a new eco-friendly product are perfect for a beach towel giveaway. Your target audience is more likely to be enjoying nature and using these towels, so you are likely to get excellent exposure. 5. Pool and surf gear companies Pool and surf companies are finding there is no end to people’s enthusiasm about water. Whether you are opening a surf shop in California or starting a pool supply company in Texas, your customers are going to need to towel off at some point. Give them a reminder in the form of custom company towels whenever they enter the water. For more information about our premium beach towels or for a quote please visit www.beachtowels.com or contact us at 800.290.6030 with any questions.