How to Turn Beach Towels into an Effective Marketing Tool

October 14, 2014
  Beach Towels
There are many ways to promote a new brand or add some life to an established business, but the success of your marketing campaign depends on the details. It is no different when you order custom beach towels to attract exposure for your company. Here are tips for turning beach towels into an effective marketing tool. Maintain Brand Consistency You don’t want to stray too far from the branding you already have in place when designing beach towels. Stick to the existing branding in terms of your company logo, color coordination and overall message. Beach towels offer another level of visibility when they accompany a new product or help promote a new location, but don’t try to reinvent the wheel with your towels. Choose Timing (and Place) Carefully Picking the right time to launch a promotion with custom beach towels is crucial. In warm-weather climates, you have a lot of leeway with towels, but in colder areas there are months on the calendar when beach towels won’t have the greatest impact. Where you hand out towels is also important. For example, an event at a hotel with a pool would be perfect for beach towel promotions. Once cocktail hour ends, invite guests to the pool with their new towels. They will connect memories of the event once they are home with your branded towels. Designing of Towels Whether your brand is conservative or cutting-edge, there’s a design that can make your custom towels memorable. Consider your brand identity to match the perfect fit for custom beach towels, but don’t be afraid to use color. After all, consumers will use your towels mostly on sunny days at the beach or pool. Let the sun hit a beautifully designed towel that markets your business effectively. Beach towels are an excellent and effective marketing tool so let Beach Towels design and produce towels that find your brand a bigger market. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.290.6030 with any questions.