How to Make Personalized Beach Towels Match a Company Image

December 10, 2014
  Beach Towels
Are you wondering how personalized beach towels would fit into your company’s marketing plan? The process is very simple when you have a clear brand identity. Here are ways to make your company philosophy come through on custom towels.

Be Consistent Consistency is everything when it comes to company branding. Make sure you keep the same logo in place you use on business cards, company letterheads or your business website. You want to have your custom towels work with the rest of your branded materials.

If you have a very dark company image, there is no reason you have to change it for the towels. Black towels have worked for Holden’s tattoo parlor clients in the past, and they will work for your business, too.

Get Creative Even if you sell insurance policies or run an accounting service, your business can use personalized beach towels as a creative marketing tool. That means bringing out the best visuals and color combinations based on your company’s branding.

Think of the type of statement you could make on a sunny day at the beach. Even if you are ordering the towels for a winter promotion, keep your design focused on summer days when your towels will get the most use.

Don’t Forget About the Material When you want to tell your audience about your brand, you can do it with more than colors and images. Consider the impact you can make with texture and weight when you are putting an order in for custom towels.

Thicker towels not only give an impression of sturdiness; they also last for many years of regular use. You can add details like fringe if you think that work well with your company’s image. Let personalized beach towels help your overall marketing plan. Find out how easy it is to order towels today. For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at (800)290-6030.