4 Ideas for Beach Towel Giveaways Over the Holidays

November 25, 2014
  Beach Towels
Do beach towels and holiday gifts go hand in hand? At first glance, cold weather and ocean swims seem to have little in common, but depending on your business, you have many options with custom beach towels this holiday season. Here are four giveaway ideas. 1. Surf and Outdoors Gear If your company specializes in surf gear and apparel for water sports, you might find a dip in business when the weather gets chilly. Remember that your customers don’t lose their passion for sailing, water skiing and surfing just because winter arrived. They are planning their next trips to an exotic destination. Combine holiday specials with a custom towel showcasing your brand name and logo. 2. Gym Memberships Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean people have forgotten their bikini bodies. In fact, most of the hard work is done in the gym in cold weather. If you are selling gym memberships or highlighting personal trainer packages, custom beach towels will help drive home your point. People working out always have frolicking in the sunshine in the back of their minds, so give them a towel to use when the summer hits. 3. Pet Sitting and Boarding Pet sitting and boarding services have become a huge industry in recent years. People want to make sure their pets are properly cared for when they are out of town. Draw attention to your company’s services with a beach towel giveaway before the holidays. After all, the holidays are as much about vacations to sunny destinations as visiting family. 4. Travel Services If you sell travel packages or market for any of the major flight and car rental brands, beach towel giveaways are an obvious solution. You are selling fun in the sun and trips to gorgeous beaches. Use custom beach towels as a way to remind your customers they found their travel solution through you. Even if you run an online business, these custom towels are an excellent marketing idea. For more information or a quote please visit www.BeachTowels.com or contact us at (800) 290-6030. Holden Towels are perfect for many different holiday promotions!