4 Reasons to Plan Beach Towel Promotions in Winter

4 Reasons to Plan Beach Towel Promotions in Winter

January 22, 2015
  Beach Towels

In most of the United States, the winter weather of 2015 has been tormenting those with dreams of bright, sunny skies. Though this chill will knock out most people’s plans for fun in the sun, that shouldn’t stop you from planning a promotion featuring personalized beach towels. Here’s why this time of year is ideal for launching a summery promotion.

1. It’s Beach Season Somewhere

In the Northeast, Florida and the Caribbean are some of the most popular wintertime destinations. Out West, Southern California has plenty of sun all year round. If your customers like to travel in winter, giving them branded beach towels is a smart marketing move.

2. Beach Towels Don’t Expire

Unlike milk or calendars, beach towels don’t have an expiration date. Planning ahead with marketing efforts allows you to choose the perfect promotion for personalized beach towels. When you see the opportunity, you can strike quickly with your towels in stock.

3. Spring Activities are Arriving Soon

By the time you choose your towels, work out the design, and place your order, spring won’t be far away. Once the slightest hint of warmth hits, people get out of the house for picnics, walks on the beach, and other outdoor activities. They’ll need towels to get the most out of these excursions, and there’s a marketing opportunity to tap.

4. Personalized Beach Towels Hint of Summer

When the winter doldrums are on everyone’s brains, a beach towel promotion reminds them that summer is nonetheless headed their way. Offering towels as a promotional item represents a look at the sunny side of life, and the gesture will be appreciated. As with any marketing effort, standing out in the customer’s mind is the point. Holden Beach Towels can get your brand exposure any time of year. Start planning your next promotion today. For more information or for a quote please visit www.BeachTowels.com or contact us at (800) 290-6030 .