When Beach Towels Make the Perfect Holiday Promotion

November 10, 2014
  Beach Towels
You might not immediately associate the holidays with the beach. In most areas, the weather is cold and the traditions center around gatherings by the fireplace for holiday cheer. Yet it is also a popular time for vacations to beach destinations. Here is how customized beach towels can be the perfect holiday promotional item for your business. Selling an Exotic Destination If your company sells sports apparel, swimsuits, ski gear, surfboards, or travel packages, you know your customers are thinking of ways to get away for a winter vacation. Once the holiday celebrations are out of the way, many people are packing their bags to enjoy the weather in exotic destinations. That means trips to the beach are still on the menu in the winter, especially in areas like the Northeast and Midwest, where temperatures are frigid during the early part of the year. In South America and the Caribbean, wintertime up north (January through March) equals the peak summer months. For the right type of business, beach towels make perfect sense for a holiday promotion. Designing Customized Beach Towels Putting a “Happy Holidays” slogan on branded beach towels doesn’t always work. Instead, consider a colorful, tropical theme for your towels. Even when people are going to the local pool during the winter, tropical images like palm trees and beach sunsets deliver a better impression on a custom towel. Bright colors also work effectively. Of course, there is no point in customizing towels unless your business is going to get its share of exposure. Think of the right note to hit when designing a towel. Companies offering travel goods could push the “getaway” theme, while brands selling spa or beauty products might tie themes of relaxation into the towel design. Whatever you choose, find a way to include your company name and logo. There are many businesses that can use customized beach towels as a promotional product for the holiday. For more information or inquiries please visit www.beachtowels.com or contact us (800) 290-6030.