Beach Towels in the Fall?

Beach Towels in the Fall?

August 04, 2016
  Beach Towels

People love beach towels and they love getting them.  Summertime at the beach isn’t the only time or reason to use a beach towel.   Your customers will use them in the fall, winter, spring and summer and not just at the beach.  They keep them for years, which can mean years of advertising for your business.  These are some reasons why, even though summer is over, personalized beach towels are a great promotional product:

They fit with your business

Beach towels are a good fit as promotional items for certain industries.  They fit right in with any kind of outdoor or sports-related industry, for the travel industry and are a must-have for the beauty and spa industry.  Tying your industry to the right gift makes your brand more memorable.  The variety of designs and custom imprinting available in beach towels gives you the opportunity to really show off.  

You have the right event

Just like certain businesses, beach towels are a natural fit for certain events.  Company picnics and corporate getaways are perfect reasons to give beach towels to your employees.  Health or fitness-related events that you sponsor or participate in are a good opportunity for some branded advertising.  Whether it is employee or customer appreciation or business promotion, people remember who gave them a beach towel

They last for years

Beach towels aren’t like a pen.  They don’t get “used up,” they don’t break and most people keep them for a long time.  Promotional beach towels give you a blank space to really define your business identity – full color and splashy, subtle and sleek, or young and hip.   Every time they get used, your business gets seen and your investment in branding may last for years.

They are practical

Despite the name, beach towels get a lot of use that isn’t related to the beach.  Some people prefer using a beach towel because of the size.  They get used for a lot of reasons that aren’t even related to water. No matter when or why it is used, every time that beach towel is seen, is another time that your product is remembered. 

Vacation happens all year

People do go on vacations at other times of year.  Sometimes they go to the beach offseason, but they may go other places that demand a towel. Beach towels are more likely to travel than other towels because they aren’t part of a bathroom set, are big and cover a lot of skin, are multi-purpose and frankly – they were free.  The customer or employee probably won’t be heartbroken if it is lost but your branding will be seen by someone new.

Because it is really a gift

Though there isn’t anything wrong with “gimme” items like magnets and pens or even caps and coffee mugs, a beach towel is inherently more valuable and more valued.   Pens are literally a “dime a dozen” but a beach towel is a gift.  Whether you use it as a special event gift or to reward specific customers, it will be appreciated and they will appreciate you.

Small promotional items can be spread like seed.  A beach towel isn’t something you put on the table for anyone to grab but it shows a lot more thought.  When you need something nice to give away as a promotional or appreciation gift, beach towels are a terrific way to say “thanks.”