Why Wholesale Beach Towels Bring More Value

May 22, 2013
  Beach Towels
No trip to the beach, swimming pool, or hot tub is complete without the use of beach towels to keep everyone dry and warm after an enjoyable soak in refreshing waters. Hotel and country club guests do not usually bring their own towels with them when they travel and for that reason, hoteliers and clubs that supply towels for guests may use the opportunity to advertise on towels for in-room or pool side service. What businesses use beach towels?
A customized beach towel allows companies to personalize the item with a custom logo, message or design. Many different types of businesses choose to provide beach towels for their patrons including resorts, hotels, private beaches, fitness centers, mineral spring facilities, casinos, community pools and country clubs. These types of facilities can highly benefit from using customized beach towels within their business operations. Advantages to purchasing wholesale beach towels
There are many advantages for companies when they buy wholesale beach towels. Wholesale pricing, which is much lower than retail allows companies to markup pricing and sell them as souvenirs in gift shops. Beach Towels offers the ability to customize your towels with a corporate logo, slogan or design. This branding builds customer awareness and familiarity with company products and services. When guests use your towels all year long, it adds an extra dimension to corporate promotions. Further, our in house design team can also create any logo or artwork desired or you may submit your own designs. For more information or to get a quote on our top of the line beach towels please visit www.beachtowels.com.