Why Embroidered Towels are the Best Gift for these 3 Occasions

Why Embroidered Towels are the Best Gift for these 3 Occasions

June 13, 2018
  Beach Towels

No one thinks of it, yet everyone needs it: towels. While you might think towels are a boring gift, custom embroidered towels are a present that can last someone a lifetime. Here are three great events that will benefit from a gifted embroidered towel. 

1. Wedding

This is often the first occasion that jumps to your mind. While the classic “Mr.” and “Mrs.” embroidered on a towel is a bit cheesy, embroidered towels are a necessary gift for a new couple. Weddings are a time when two people come together to share the best parts of life, but shared towels can be a source of contention in any marriage. High-quality towels will make for a satisfying drying experience while the embroidery will stop any mix-ups from occurring. 

This is also a great idea for directly after the marriage: during their honeymoon, a custom logo beach towel will prevent any theft on the beach. About 65% of travelers go to the beach on their trip, and this is a great way to ensure that they're prepared for the beach. The couple also won’t need to worry about the cleanliness of towels supplied by the hotel. This kind of gift blends practicality with peace of mind -- exactly what they need after months of chaotic wedding planning. 

2. Graduation

High school graduates are often too busy getting school supplies and new tech to think about the practicality associated with buying towels. Fortunately, this oversight will make you the perfect gift-giver: as their thrust into college, custom embroidered towels will prevent any mix-ups between college students, whether it be with their roommate or within the community laundry area. Their towels will not get stolen and they’ll have a quality, reliable towel.

If the gift is for a college graduate, they’ll be looking to replace the towels that got them through college. Order towels for them as a way to celebrate their next stage in life. 

3. Housewarming

With all the repairs and decorating associated with moving into a new home, the last thing new homeowners think about is updating their towel selection. But the feeling you get when you step out of your new shower and into a fresh towel is one of the best feelings in the world. Embroidered towels are one of the first steps in making a new house feel like a home. Think about including full color printed towels in different patterns to cater to the style of the new home -- matching color schemes can really tie a place together.