What Your Hotel Guests Are Expecting: Part 2

What Your Hotel Guests Are Expecting: Part 2

August 14, 2017
  Beach Towels

You've already read about the importance of stocking your hotel with enough logo beach towels, giving your guests the best views possible, and providing them with easy beach access, but it's time to dive deeper into the minds of hotel guests. It's your job to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves from the minute they walk into your hotel to the minute they leave, as well as every second between. 

Here are a few additional expectations that your average hotel guest might have this summer. 

That your hotel staff is helpful, professional, and friendly

Make sure that your front desk employees are as helpful as possible so your guests don’t feel uncomfortable. If your guests are in a bad mood for whatever reason, it should be your responsibility as well as all your employees’ to do everything possible to fix their issue and get them to feel relaxed and happy once again. Your guests should essentially be treated like royalty throughout their stay so they leave happy -- no matter what. Provide each guest with whatever types of logo beach towels they want, answer all their questions to the best of your ability, and help them with whatever request they have no matter how strange it may be. 

They aren’t going to have to spend a fortune to enjoy their stay

The last thing your guests want to worry about while on vacation is how much they’re going to have to work when they get back home to earn back the money they spent during the trip. It’s your job to make sure your guests are as relaxed as possible and that means doing anything in your power to keep their hotel bills as low as can be. Roughly 77% of all world travelers and 78% of American travels actually cite the estimated price of total vacation as their top concern when choosing a beach hotel destination. 

They can access their favorite spots easily

Make sure that each guest can easily maneuver your hotel layout and get to the main lobby and front door easily. Your guests won’t be spending all their time inside the hotel or even at the beach; they will be dining out and having fun at other places, too. Put them in contact with trusted transportation services that will allow them to travel to any of their desired destinations. 

Make sure your hotel staff treats each guest with the utmost respect, keep the prices as reasonable as can be, and provide a great way for your guests to get to where they want to go. As long as you're keeping your guests in mind as you make each business decision, you should end up having a successful hotel business your guests will have a wonderful summer. Contact Holden Towels today if you want to learn more about purchasing bulk logo beach towels for your guests.