The Ins and Outs of Swag Bags

The Ins and Outs of Swag Bags

May 15, 2017
  Beach Towels

Whether you are having a corporate retreat, a company holiday party, or an employee appreciation day, one of the most overlooked considerations is the swag bag. While not as important as the event itself, free stuff is a time-honored way to leave a good final impression -- provided you do it right.

What Is a Swag Bag?

It’s like a children’s party gift bag, but for adults. These bags are a standard parting gift at chic Hollywood after parties and buttoned-down corporate events. In fact, a lot of companies aggressively compete to ensure their products are included in gift bags at the world's most exclusive events.

Swag bags perform a dual purpose: showing appreciation and widening your branding. A swag bag can be a simple tote with a company logo on the front and a few knickknacks inside or a celebrity-style grab bag filled with high end gadgets and your event sponsor’s products.

What to Fill Your Swag Bag With?

What goes in your swag bag will be entirely dependent on the type of culture your company or event is going for. More casual work environments might opt for bottles of wine and t-shirts, a weekend conference might opt for a promotional beach towel and a branded coffee mug, while an environmental fundraiser might give away sustainable and organic products. 

A few other popular items you might include are:

    • Reusable Water Bottles
    • Phone Chargers
    • Flip flops
    • Beach Bag
    • Umbrellas
    • Coupon Books

When thinking about what to include in your swag bag, the most important thing to remember is that these items are meant to promote your brand (and your sponsors, if you have any). Things like key chains or pens, while inexpensive, are easily lost and not particularly visible. 

A well-chosen piece of swag is something that will be convenient and long lasting. A custom promotional beach towel with your logo on it, for instance, is a great option. According to one survey, 52% of people planned to visit a beach within the upcoming year. That means that there is a high likelihood your beach towels will be used in public and increase the number of your brands impressions. 

Isn’t the Party Enough?

It's tempting to think of the party or event is a large enough token of appreciation, but this extra step can go a long way to boost attendee appreciation. If it's a work event, that will help to improve your company's culture and increase productivity.

One Last Caveat

While it is important to make sure that you include branded items in your swag bag, don’t overdo it! Including one or two thoughtful, unbranded items can help avoid appearing to be self-serving.

It might not be the most exciting consideration for an event planner, but the swag bag has become an expectation of many event goers. Taking care while planning a swag bag can help you expand your brand reach and leave attendees walking away with a smile.