Unique Ways To Promote Your Business On A Limited Marketing Budget

Unique Ways To Promote Your Business On A Limited Marketing Budget

November 27, 2017
  Beach Towels

It can be a struggle to get the name of your brand out there when there are already so many marketing companies. However, you can give your business a leg up in the marketing world by promoting your product or service in lesser known, unique ways.

Consider the following ways you can promote your business on a limited marketing budget and still get the attention of potential consumers.

Market your business where people can see it

Potential consumers are more likely to read advertisements and marketing material when they have the time. They're also more likely to read it when the material is in their direct line of sight. 

Bus stops, crosswalks, and beaches are great locations to get potential consumers to notice your business. Consumers who are relaxing or patiently waiting for transportation are more likely to take the time to read marketing material.

For instance, up to 48% of beachgoers prefer to read and 53% prefer to sunbathe. That means beachgoers are more likely to be on the sand than in the water. 

A marketing technique like a promotional beach towel would be more likely to grab the consumer's eye. What's more, a promotional beach towel isn't out of place with other custom embroidered towels on the beach, making it less likely for the consumer to dismiss as advertising.

Use guerrilla marketing tactics

Custom promotional beach towels are great for the beach, but what about other areas such as bus stops, crosswalks, and parking lots? Guerrilla marketing tactics are great and unique ways to advertise your business on a low budget.

Creative guerrilla marketing ideas include sidewalk-chalking, stickers, eye-catching poster art, and creative social media marketing. It should be noted that the latter marketing approach isn't as unique as the others, which is what makes the creativity of the business promotion so important.

Online users are able to spot untrustworthy advertisements. Therefore, be genuine in your creative approach and market toward values rather than outright conversion when you're using social media. Consumers will be more likely to convert to a business that speaks to them.

For businesses with a limited marketing budget, it can be difficult to find unique ways to stand apart. Fortunately, Holden Towels can help. Contact Holden Towels today for more information on promotional beach towels to make your business stand out from the crowd.