Turn the Tide in Your Marketing Plan with Custom Beach Towels

Turn the Tide in Your Marketing Plan with Custom Beach Towels

March 10, 2015
  Beach Towels

Have you noticed recurring low tides with your marketing efforts? If so, it’s time for some spring cleaning to get your brand more exposure and your business on the right track. Here are ways custom beach towels can help you turn the tide in your marketing plan this spring.

Turning up the Heat

When spring hits, your customers revisit their favorite outdoors activities. That means stopping by the lake, hitting the pool, checking out the beach and wading into the surf. If you want to turn up the heat on your brand’s exposure in the community, offer promotions with branded beach towels. As people shake off the chilly memories of winter, they will see your brand’s name and logo gleaming in the sun on custom towels.

The Difference of Custom Beach Towels

Radio and TV ads are expensive and may not reach the audience you hope in this era of in-demand programming and cord-cutting cable packages. In 2015, you have to think about all different types of marketing to reach consumers at reasonable prices. Trying out personalized beach towels as a marketing strategy allows you to target the new audience that wants to block out traditional radio and TV media. Show off your company with a more subtle type of ad.

Move Lagging Inventory

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of lagging winter inventory, but it takes a smart promotion to make it happen. Use beach towels as a tool to entice consumers who have been on the fence. Dropping prices and offering a free custom towel will help you move inventory faster while increasing up company exposure. These new customers will enjoy your merchandise and showcase your brand when they venture out with your towels – a win-win for your company.  

Use custom beach towels by Holden to help turn the tide in your marketing effort in 2015. We have options for any industry or budget. For further information or quote please contact us at (800) 290-6030 or visit www.BeachTowels.com.