The 4 Most Popular Types of Photo Beach Towels

The 4 Most Popular Types of Photo Beach Towels

May 10, 2017
  Beach Towels

There are many different options with photo beach towels. Whether you're looking for family beach towels for a reunion or new branded towels for your hotel or organization, here are some types of photo beach towels you can choose from. 

Round Beach Towels

Round beach towels are becoming more and more popular on beaches across the country. These round towels are not only an eccentric fashion statement for trendy beachgoers, but they are also extremely practical. Round towels are typically larger than other kinds of beach towels, so entire families can sprawl out and nap, which 53% of beachgoers prefer to do, or keep all the essential beach items like food, drinks, and toys off the sand.

Full Color Beach Towels

Full color beach towels can also be great for various reasons. If you're selling to families that frequent the beach, they aren't just going to look for bland all white towels to use during their trip. These families plan on taking beach pictures and want bright colors to stand out when the towels make it in the photographs. You can order full color beach towels in bulk that will be great for any family planning a trip to the beach. 

Artistic Beach Towels

If your customers are looking for a more vibrant type of towel, consider purchasing artistic beach towels in bulk. These artistic pieces can be as creative as you want them to be and your clients will love the Warhol-style prints that are popular options. 

Traditional Photo Beach Towels

Traditional towels are still excellent and there certainly will always be a place for them. If you're operating a hotel, you're going to want to equip each room with traditional style beach towels. Traditional doesn't mean boring at all -- you can still use this style of towel to promote your brand during specific events, too. 

Remember, these types of photo beach towels are not mutually exclusive, so you can order a full color round branded beach towel if you wish. Whatever your towel needs, contact Holden Towels today to learn more about the various types of photo beach towels.