Small Business Marketing Assistance: 3 Great Promotional Ideas

Small Business Marketing Assistance: 3 Great Promotional Ideas

January 01, 2018
  Beach Towels

Business is more complicated than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, we are all connected and marketing managers are constantly looking for ways to both capitalize on that and reach people offline -- in the real world. It's easy for mega corporations to achieve these goals but small businesses have to get a little more creative. 

Here are some excellent promotional and marketing ideas for small businesses: 

Custom promotional towels

Custom printed beach towels might not be the first thought marketing managers have when brainstorming promotional ideas, but they are great ways of getting your brand and image out there. There are roughly 95,471 miles of ocean shoreline across the United States and custom promotional towels are covering large portions of that land. And 53% of the people who visit the beach prefer to sunbathe on those beach towels. Printing your company's logo and mission statement onto a high quality beach towel is a perfect way to promote your brand and encourage other beach-goers to talk about your company and where they got that nice towel they're using. 

Find unusual sponsorships

There are plenty of unique sponsorships opportunities around the country that can be great for spreading brand awareness. Although billboards and radio ads work fine, they are a bit outdated. Try and think outside the box and find ways to capitalize on new advertising and sponsorship ventures like city transportation, new apps, and any other innovative ideas you might have. 

Take advantage of Instagram and Snapchat

These two popular apps aren't going anywhere. In fact, they seem to be getting more popular as more users try them out. It's possible for your company to produce great video content on these apps that can reach the masses. If you are putting enough effort into your video content, you could even create a viral video that will surely yield more traffic to your company's website and, hopefully, much more revenue. 

Hopefully these creative ideas can help small businesses branch out and compete in the difficult marketing landscape. If you want to get your company's brand out there and check out some high quality custom promotional towels, contact Holden Towels today.