Running a Hotel? Make Sure Each Room Has These 4 Items

Running a Hotel? Make Sure Each Room Has These 4 Items

June 20, 2017
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Running a hotel or motel can be a lucrative job but it also comes with plenty of responsibility. Although you'll be working in an industry based around relaxation and comfort, you'll sometimes need to frantically make orders online or purchase items at the store to accommodate for each guest. Aside from friendliness, perhaps the most important aspect of the hospitality industry is being prepared. 

Here are a few hotel items and features that are essential for any hospitality business:

Power Outlets

The majority of your hotel guests will be staying for relaxation purposes, but a large portion of your guests will also be staying for business related reasons. If each room doesn't have plenty of power outlets for traveling professionals, they won't be able to effectively get their work done. Though your guests won't realize the favor you're doing for them by adding additional power outlets, if you don't have enough, they will likely never return. 

Full Color Printed Towels

Your guests, whether they are staying for business or just to relax, are going to need some full color printed towels throughout their stay, as 53% of beachgoers enjoy sunbathing and will certainly need a nice towel. You can order custom beach towels so you're not just offering boring plain white towels for each guest, too. Each guest will certainly appreciate a nice beach towel rather than a small lesser quality one. Check out various types of beach towels and stock up each room. 

Coffee Machine

Again, if your hotel rooms don't have an adequate coffee maker, your guests that are doing work will not be happy. Having a coffee maker isn't a significant purchase when buying items for your business, but it should be something you think about. It doesn't have to be amazing quality, either -- you can find great coffee machines for a reasonable price. 

Hygiene Essentials

Make sure to stock each room with all the necessary items for proper hygiene, too. You should buy plenty of body and hand soap, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes, dental floss, deodorant, face wash, and anything else that your guests will need each day. 

Don't just leave your guests in a room that isn't equipped with essential hotel items. If you want to check out quality full color printed towels, contact Holden Towels today!