Put a Little Personality in Your Beach Equipment With Personalized Beach Towels

Put a Little Personality in Your Beach Equipment With Personalized Beach Towels

February 13, 2017
  Beach Towels

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? For many people, summer vacations and the beach sparkle into view, with visions of long stretches of beach, the soothing sound of waves, and plenty of sun. But before you go on your beach excursion, you want to make sure that you're properly equipped with all the right items to make your beach vacation a success. One important item you and your family are going to need are beach towels! These can be far more than just a practical item, they can also be quite fashionable. An embroidered beach towel, logo beach towel, or even a promotional beach towel can all send a certain kind of message. Plus, they'll look so pretty spread out over the sand! So don't fish your old bath towels out of the closet to take with to the beach -- consider looking at different types of beach towels and choosing a beautiful embroidered beach towel to take with you while you enjoy some sun, surf, and sand! 

Beach Towel Basics 

You'll want your beach towel to be fairly absorbent, but not as fluffy as a bath towel. A towel that dries quickly is also a plus, especially if you're traveling some distances to get to the beach. Wet towels can easily start to smell and furthermore, are quite heavy to lug around. Many beach towels are also designed to repel sand, so you won't feel as crusty or gross after a day on the beach. Beach towels should also be a bit smaller width wise, but taller in length -- perfect for stretching your legs out on! 

Choose a fun embroidered beach towel or one with your family initials on it, so you'll never get your towels mixed up again. Beach towels can also sometimes function as a cover-up in a pinch, which gives you a fun and flirty personal statement, full of color and patterns. Don't bring your drab, monotone bath towels to the beach -- choose something lively! 

What's the Proper Way to Use a Beach Towel? 

Many people come to the beach simply to lounge and relax. Beach towels are excellent for stretching out, putting some shades and sunscreen on, and basking in the sun. They provide some protection from laying in a face full of sand and keep you from being scorched by the hot sand around midday. If you go take a walk or a swim, your towel is great to come back to. Indeed, for global travelers, the most popular beach activity was walking, said 70% of those surveyed. Swimming rang in at around 65%. 

Make sure that your beach towel is washed and thoroughly dried before its next use, to get rid of salt and sand -- and also for basic hygiene. Other than that, however, beach towels are fairly low maintenance. 

Why Should I Get a Specialized Type of Beach Towel? 

Something like an embroidered beach towel or monogrammed beach towel isn't necessary, but it sure can be a lot of fun! Half the draw of beach towels are their zany patterns and vibrant colors. By personalizing your beach towel, you get to set your space on the beach apart a little bit more. If you're trying to advertise a business or service, using your beach towel for advertising can also be a clever trick. If you're on a crowded beach, dozens of people are sure to walk by your spot, and it's hard to not look at other people's set-ups and activities. 

There can also be a practical side to monogrammed or otherwise personalized beach towels. If you're beach-going with a large group, having your initials or family name on the towels can help avoid a mix-up and keep everyone's towels straight. It might even cut out some sibling squabbling about who gets the "better" beach towel! 

Enjoy your sun and surf with a fun and colorful beach towel, designed for relaxation, moisture wicking, and protection from all that pesky sand. Try personalizing your beach towel for a little extra personality -- a little embroidery can go a long way.