Planning a Family Beach Vacation? Avoid These 3 Vacation Mistakes

Planning a Family Beach Vacation? Avoid These 3 Vacation Mistakes

January 01, 2017
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Everyone loves the beach, but not everyone gets to plan a beach vacation as often as they'd like. According to a recent worldwide survey, 52% of respondents said they expect to take a beach vacation within the next 12 months.

There is nothing better than a trip to the beach, especially when you go with family. You and your kids will enjoy nice weather, beautiful views, the relaxing sand, and playing around the crashing waves. But if you aren't careful, and if you make a few of these unfortunate mistakes, your wonderful beach trip could turn into a total disaster. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when planning a family beach vacation.

Under Packing

When going on vacations to big cities or faraway countries, it's important to leave plenty of room in your suitcase for any purchases you make during the trip. Going to the beach, on the other hand, is completely different, and you should instead fill your bags to the brim. Any item, whether it's extra clothing or a toy, can easily be destroyed or lost while at the beach. If you don't have plenty of backups for your child when he or she loses a toy or when someone rips an item of clothing, you're all going to have problems.

Make sure to pack plenty of clothes, a few types of beach towels, extra sunscreen, some additional snacks and drinks, and anything else you and your family might need at the beach.

Relying on Hotel Promotional Beach Towels

If you're staying at a beachside hotel or resort, you might be planning to simply use the promotional beach towels your lodging provides. However, many hotels don't offer enough towels, and the ones you do find might not be big enough for sunbathing. While many resorts provide large, high quality beach towels in bulk, you won't know for sure until you arrive at your destination.

Just in case, be sure to pack a few of your own beach towels that are large enough to keep everything you need protected from the sand. At the beach, you'll notice the stressed out families will be covered in sand while fiddling with tiny towels. Even better, you can order the same promotional beach towels used by the best resorts and customize them for your family.

Before your trip, order some personalized beach towels in bulk for your family.

Forgetting to Schedule Nap Time

This is a major mistake that far too many families make during beach vacations. Playing in the sand and in the water at the beach will make anyone, no matter their age, exhausted. You're going to want to go to nice dinners and have fun in the evening during your trip, but if everyone is beat by 4 p.m., those plans will certainly fall through. A pro tip for beach goers is to have a blast all morning and afternoon at the beach, and then take a nice nap before dinner. After a nap everyone will be reenergized and will be ready to fully enjoy the rest of the vacation.

Having fun at the beach isn't hard, so long as you don't make these beginner beach vacation mistakes. Plan ahead so you and your family have a stress free trip to the beach!