Improve Your Summer Camp With These 3 Great Tips

Improve Your Summer Camp With These 3 Great Tips

June 20, 2018
  Beach Towels

Running a recreational summer camp can be a lot of fun, but there are also plenty of responsibilities involved as well. Not only do you have to ensure that all your campers are safe, healthy, and having fun, you have to manage the counselors and support staff working for you as well. 

If you're in charge of running a summer camp, you need to purchase all the necessary equipment, safety gear, food, and additional items in order to ensure all the kids at your camp are safe and enjoying themselves. Here are some tips that will hopefully significantly improve your camp this summer: 

  • Purchase beach towels in bulk -- Swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity across the United States and it's a great way for kids to get regular aerobic physical activity. It's also a time-honored summer camp tradition, whether that swimming takes place in a muddy lake or swimming pool. Since your campers will constantly want to jump in and out of the water, it's best to have plenty of cool embroidered towels at their disposable. Don't just purchase a few plain, boring towels, however. You should get some fun custom beach towels in bulk that reflect the fun theme of your camp.

  • Always account for the weather -- If you have a fun-filled day planed that involves spending 90% of the time outside, but a massive rain storm comes out of nowhere, it's important that you have a backup plan. If you don't, you'll either have a lot of bored kids doing nothing or a chaotic, unsafe environment during a thunderstorm. Even if it looks like it's going to be beautiful out, make sure you have a plan B and C that can be done inside.

  • Buy plenty of snacks and beverages -- Having fun and staying safe is one thing, but if kids don't have regular access to tasty treats and delicious drinks, there will be serious problems. The only thing worse than 100 kids riding high on sugar is 100 grumpy, hungry kids. There is nothing like slamming down an ice-cold drink after an intense game of capture the flag. Don't disappoint your campers by only serving food and drink once or twice a day, let them replenish with some snacks and cool drinks.

If you want to learn more about improving your camp by finding high quality custom beach towels in bulk, contact Holden Towels right away.