Improve Your Beach Game With These 3 Tips

Improve Your Beach Game With These 3 Tips

February 07, 2017
  Beach Towels

Going to the beach with your family can be fun, but going to the beach with your friends will be the most fun you've ever had. You and your group of pals will surely have a good time at the beach no matter what, but there are a few tips you can use to increase the amount of fun. If you want your spot on the beach to be the spot, you should consider these tips.

Bring Fun Beach Games

The first thing you and your buddies should try and do is bring over as many cool people as you can at the beach. The easiest way to grow your beach crew from three or four to double digits is to have some awesome beach games. A volleyball net is an absolute must, but you can impress other fun people at the beach with games like can jam, corn hole, or the simple classics like a football or a frisbee. If it's just you and your two friends standing around trying to impress people walking by with your "muscles," you're not going to have much success. If you are all actually having fun with cool games, however, people will flock to your spot.

Custom Made Beach Towels

It might not be a top priority for you as you pack for the beach, but the types of beach towels you bring can actually make a difference. You don't want small towels that can barely protect you from getting sand in your swimsuit, right? You're going to want custom made beach towels that are both large enough to cover your spot and cool enough for passersby to notice. If you have a few cool personalized beach towels at your setup, you'll be turning some heads for sure. Contact Holden Towels and to learn more about custom made beach towels.

PRO TIP: Extra Chairs

This last tip is an advanced move that's almost guaranteed to make your spot be the coolest spot at the beach. Roughly 60% of Americans prefer doing nothing and relaxing while at the beach, so having an extra few chairs next to you will be calling their names.

Doing all these tips at once will for sure turn your beach spot into the most fun area on the beach. Imagine having a big game of beach volleyball with cool strangers and then having all those extra chairs and towel space to relax at afterward. You're going to have an incredible time next time you visit the beach for sure.