How Custom Promotional Towels Can Help Your Marketing Department

How Custom Promotional Towels Can Help Your Marketing Department

March 26, 2018
  Beach Towels

Running a business can be difficult especially when you have to handle all the various aspects of your marketing department. Not only do you have to find new and creative ways to advertise, you have to stand out from your competition and compete with companies that are much larger than you are. That's where custom promotional towels come in for advertising assistance -- here's why: 

1. Much cheaper than other forms of advertising

These promotional towels are great for growing your company's brand and reaching large amounts of people. You can yield even more customers by providing these custom promotional towels to hundreds of people in your area (or across the U.S.), and letting them advertise for you. Since so many people go to the beach, they will gladly bring your towels along with them and that’s essentially free advertising. While at the beach, roughly 60% of Americans prefer relaxing and doing nothing compared to exercising (at 13%). So all those people relaxing next to your promotional beach towel will be growing your company’s brand and they don’t even know it.

2. Creative customizable opportunities

These aren't just promotional towels with a tiny name in the corner, they are high quality custom promotional towels that you can have designed and tailored exactly to your liking. Maybe you want your company's mantra or entire logo printed on the towel, or maybe you want to list off your products and services to let viewers know -- both of those are excellent and viable options.

3. Everyone loves free stuff

Whether you’re having little competitions and raffling off these custom towels or simply giving them out for free at trade shows or conferences, people will certainly applaud your organization for giving away free stuff. No matter what it is or how often it will get used, people love free stuff -- so providing them with something with your company’s logo on it is a great idea to give away some free advertising. Plus, everyone needs a new towel.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of advertising with promotional towels or purchase your own custom beach towels, contact Holden Towels today.