Heading To The Beach? Don't Use A Bath Towel!

Heading To The Beach? Don't Use A Bath Towel!

June 26, 2017
  Beach Towels

Summer is here and the beach is calling! Over half (52%) of respondents to a survey worldwide expected to vacation at the beach in the next 12 months. It's important to have a beach item checklist so that you can go for the day without having to run back to the hotel or beach house dragging in the sand and sea with you -- suntan lotion, food and drink, fold out chairs, sunglasses, and most importantly, towels! 

Many beach-goers don't realize the differences between beach towels and bath towels, and it's not like a bath towel will ruin your day at the beach, BUT a beach towel is definitely better suited, and here's why! 

Size Matters

What is the number one way to tell the difference between a bath towel and a beach towel? Just take a look at their size. If you were to hold a beach towel up to a bath towel you’d see that beach towels are a lot longer. When you're laying on the beach you want ultimate comfort and ultimate protection. Trying to fit on a smaller bath towel will get really old, really fast. No one wants to come in from a swim and get sand stuck all over because they don't fit on the towel they brought! You need to buy a beach towel for the size alone!

Stay Away From Thick And Fluffy

Bath towels are thick and fluffy for a reason. After a shower all that extra fabric helps absorb the water quicker. A beach towel is thinner so that it can dry quicker in the sun. It wouldn't be nice to wrap a soggy wet towel around your body after an afternoon swim! You want a beach towel that dries quick and protects you from the sand and surf.

So Many FUN Options

There are so many types of beach towels to choose from! Look for beach towels that are bursting with color, have fun print designs and patterns, or even opt for custom printed beach towels for the whole family. Not to say you can't stick with a basic white towel, but a day at the beach is fun, so your towel should be too!

Don't forget the most important thing on your beach checklist: authentic and functional beach towels. Hopefully, you will have many fun-filled trips to the beach, and you can use and reuse your beach towel again and again. Now that you know the main differences between beach towels and bath towels, do you think you'll bring your smaller, fluffy bath towel on vacation?