Graphic Design for Beginners: Don't Go Overboard With Color

Graphic Design for Beginners: Don't Go Overboard With Color

May 01, 2017
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As we become more and more digitally dependent, graphic design will continue to grow into one of the most important visual industries in the world. Whether it's for a website layout or for custom promotional beach towels, a product's appearance is extremely important and often reflects the entire success of the associated company. 

Custom promotional beach towels, for example, can be great to spread awareness for your company or brand while people are relaxing at the beach. Roughly 60% of Americans prefer to do nothing but relax while they spend time at the beach, too, so towels come in handy. 

When considering a graphic design approach for whatever product you're visually enhancing, the color scheme is perhaps the most important aspect. Many designers just throw all kinds of colors onto a product and expect it to look amazing once it's touched up, but that's rarely the case if there are too many colors. For the majority of graphic design projects, no matter the type of product, simpler is usually much better. 

Even if you can use every color of the rainbow, you really shouldn't. For simpler designs, most designers will tell you to stick to three complementary colors: one for text, one for the background, and one for accent colors. 

According to Inkbot Design, using a neutral color palette is a great option for various graphic designs because there are so many color combinations available without being cluttered. Starting with a neutral black or white color for the background, and then using any combination of bold colors. 

Google, perhaps one of the most recognizable brands in the world, chose to use a simple design and people love it. All that Google uses is a plain white background and a few solid colors for each letter -- simple, yet amazing. 

When designing your logo, product, website, or front door sign, make sure you take your time and really think about each color choice you're making. Design matters and a poor design can truly ruin your business if you aren't careful. 

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