Ensure a Relaxing Beach Trip With These 3 Tips

Ensure a Relaxing Beach Trip With These 3 Tips

January 16, 2017
  Beach Towels

Taking a trip to the beach, whether it be for a week-long family vacation or just a one-day getaway, is a great way to relax. If you're not careful, however, your beach trip can quickly turn into a nightmare because of all the potential things that could go wrong. We're talking jellyfish, sunburn, and sand in unexpected places.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your beach trip is a success and you and your family leave relaxed, satisfied, and happy.


It sounds simple enough, but if you expect to have a relaxing day at the beach and forget to bring along a book or two, then you might leave the beach even more stressed than when you arrived. Nearly half -- 48% to be exact -- of surveyed beachgoers said they prefer to read during their time on the beach. For avid readers and book lovers, there truly is nothing more relaxing than a good book. For both family beach trips with small children, where it's extremely helpful to read so you don't have to build 300 sandcastles, or individual trips when there's nothing to do but read, bringing a book can take your beach trip to the next level of relaxation.

Find a Quiet Little Spot

The fastest way to turn your relaxing beach getaway into a distracting and stressful situation is to set up in the middle of everyone else. If you aren't careful with your selection, then it's almost guaranteed that someone else's child will spend the entire day "accidentally" kicking sand on you, your beach towels, and all your things. If you walk just a little further, though, and take a little bit longer to find that perfect spot, you will have a much better time relaxing on the beach.

Bring Beach Towels in Bulk

Custom beach towels that are big enough to fit you, your family, all your food, supplies, and beach chairs are an essential part of any beach trip. If your towel is too small, for instance, you'll be cleaning sand off your body for weeks. To fully experience an amazingly relaxing beach trip, you're going to need plenty of large towels to spread out. Whether you want to read, soak up some sun, take a nap, go for a swim, or all of the above, don't forget to bring a towel. That sounds like the best day ever.

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