Use Custom Beach Towels as Mobile Billboards to Boost Exposure for Your Brand

Use Custom Beach Towels as Mobile Billboards to Boost Exposure for Your Brand

April 16, 2015
  Beach Towels

Does your company find it hard to reach customers when the weather gets warm? One marketing approach says follow the people as they move about in different seasons. With the sun shining, you will find more consumers on the beach and at the pool. Use custom beach towels as mobile billboards to boost exposure for your brand.Reaching More 

Every marketing plan should include Internet ads and a strong website, but there are many benefits in real-life settings when you want to reach customers. By customizing beach towels with your brand name and logo and/or message, you have a way to find targeted customers and increase awareness. 

Custom Beach Towels as Mini Billboards

Businesses love the large imprint area on beach towels where you can put your company logo and name across five feet (60”) of space. If you use the whole space available on a towel, you can create a small billboard that attracts attention at the beach or in other warm-weather settings. The best part is people carry them from place to place. Unlike billboards and other stationary ads, beach towels travel as far as your customers.

Grabbing the Attention

As with any marketing strategy, it takes an eye-catching design to reach the maximum amount of people with personalized towels. Take the time to create a simple layout with plenty of color. If you do not have a company logo or other marketing essentials, this is the time to begin. The staff at Beach Towels are happy to help you put together a design that is perfect for your company’s mission. 

Take advantage of this excellent marketing tool this summer and expand your presence. If you like a quote or have any questions please contact us at 800-290-6030 or visit for further information.