Branding at the Beach: How to Effectively Advertise to the Relaxing Consumer

Branding at the Beach: How to Effectively Advertise to the Relaxing Consumer

June 07, 2017
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The branding of a company is meant to convey to the consumer in the most efficient way possible what the company does and what they stand for. However, the design of a brand and logo isn’t enough to get a potential consumer’s attention. A consumer needs to be able to see it.

Branding can be done subtly through object placement in television advertisements or it can be done obviously on roadside billboards. In any case, the branding is being seen because it has been customized to be at the consumer’s eye-level depending on the situation.

Branding at the beach

When it comes to the beach, 70% of global travelers reported walking to be the most popular activity with swimming following close behind at 65%. While walking, the eye of the beachgoer tends to wander out toward the sand and other beachgoers. Therefore, investing in custom logo beach towels may catch the eye of potential consumers.

Custom beach towels come in a variety of colors. These different colors will allow your custom logo beach towels to look great no matter the branding style or design. If your logo is a vibrant color, your custom logo beach towels can come in a neutral color. Simplicity is key and the bolder your logo design in contrast to the base color of the towel, the more visually appealing your branding will be.

In addition to custom logo beach towels which may be viewed on the beach from a variety of locations depending on the size of your logo, you may also consider the branding of surfboards. Surfboards are common places for promotional branding. Their surfaces, like skateboards, make for optimal placements for business logos. They also serve as walking advertisements as the surfer carrying the board moves from the water to the beach to the boardwalk and back again.

Keeping the movement of your potential audience and consumers in mind will allow your branding to be as effective and efficient as possible. Beachgoers oftentimes stay on the beach during their entire time there, relaxing on the sand. Therefore, the best ways to advertise your business to them is to advertise in this context.

Custom logo beach towels, surfboards, and even umbrellas will get the most attention from consumers. The subtlety of the artwork in the embroidery and/or design on beach towels and surfboards keeps potential consumers from feeling they are being advertised to. This means they’re more likely to take in your branding, catalog your brand in the back of their minds, and remember your business in the future.