Beachside Hospitality Help: Tips for Defusing Hotel Problems Before They Occur

Beachside Hospitality Help: Tips for Defusing Hotel Problems Before They Occur

February 06, 2018
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If you’re working in the hospitality industry, your only goal should be to keep your guests happy. No matter the situation, your number one priority is to make sure that each guest is as comfortable and happy as possible. Even in those not so rare circumstances when the guest is acting entitled, incorrigible, rude, and obnoxious, you have to find a way to swallow your pride and do whatever it takes to make them happy. 

Because so many visitors can easily flip between civil guests to unhappy and angry complainers, and because people so often take those complaints to online travel review sites, you should try your best to prevent any bad situation. That means that every member of your hotel or motel staff should always be one (or two) steps ahead of your guests. You must do everything you can to not only correct any wrongdoings that might take place, but also prevent them in the first place. 

From the types of promotional beach towels available by the pool to the way you staff interacts with guests, some people are going to find problems in just about anything. Here are some things to consider that might help you prevent any negative situations with unhappy hotel guests. 

Superior Beach Service

Most visitors to beach resorts and hotels hope to spend some time decompressing at the beach. There are roughly 95,471 miles of shoreline in the United States, and guests will travel far and wide to access pristine, private beaches. Unfortunately, you can't control the weather, the tides, the wind, or countless other factors that can turn a happy guest into a grumpy one.

However, you can control the type of guest services you provide by the beach. It is crucial to have dedicated employees on hand to offer assistance to your guests at the beach, whether that means providing drinks or simply answering questions. It's also important to keep various types of promotional beach towels available by the beach at all times so that guests never have to go hunting for towels. In addition, staff members should constantly monitor the area for litter, glass, and any other rubbish that would negatively impact customer experience.

Even if your guests find other things to complain about, quality time spent at the beach can put most problems out of mind.

Have Whatever They Need, Before They Need It

While we certainly aren't suggesting that you provide every amenity to your guests free of charge, your hotel or resort should be well stocked with anything they could need. Guests should never have to wonder where to find types of promotional beach towels, bottled water, drinks, telephones, sunscreen lotion, and other essentials. In the same way that your cleaning staff always ensures guests have the essential toiletries in each room, guests should be able to find what they need in every area of your property, from the rooms to the pool -- and definitely by the beach. 

Unfortunately, there are always going to be those people who complain and act rudely no matter how great your service actually is. As long as you are prepared and actively thinking about how to fix any situation, your resort will be fine. If you want to learn more about custom beach towels or purchase wholesale beach towels for your hotel, contact Holden Towels today.