Beach Towel Branding: 7 Tips For Better Logo Design

Beach Towel Branding: 7 Tips For Better Logo Design

April 10, 2017
  Beach Towels

Most graphic designers are used to working in pixels, not thread count. So before you design your promotional beach towels, make sure that your logo is the best it can be. This symbol carries your brand, so having a well designed logo truly will take your business to the next level.

Not sure where to start? Consider these tips for crafting a beautiful, branded logo.

  1. Color Is Key: Color is a powerful tool. It evokes emotion and conveys ideas independently of words. This is why you should put serious thought into your logo's color. Try out a few different options either in front of your company's team or with a focus group.
  2. Keep It Simple: The best logos are easily recognizable. Why? Generally because of their simplicity. Choose a central symbol to represent your brand and design the complete logo around it.
  3. Try Negative Space: Empty space looks great on materials such as beach bags and promotional towels. If you don't want negative space on your main logo design, try creating a special, stripped-down version to use on your towels.
  4. Use Your Name: If a symbol doesn't fit your brand, try making your name the centerpiece. Hiring a designer to draw up original typography is a great way to establish a unique visual brand around your company name.
  5. Make It Versatile: You should be able to place your logo anywhere. It should look just as good on a bumper stick as it does on a custom beach towel. Avoid making it too platform-specific.
  6. Troubleshoot: Your first design idea will probably not be your final product, so be patient during the graphic design process. Gather your team for frequent brainstorming sessions and take every idea into consideration. The time will be worth it once you land on that perfect logo.
  7. Update Occasionally: Logos are rarely stagnant. As your business and brand evolves, so should your logo. Re-branding to reflect a significant event such as a product launch is a great way to draw even more attention to your company.

Once you create and distribute your branded beach towels, what will draw eyes to the product? A well-designed logo. According to an annual Expedia survey, 53% of beachgoers prefer to read books on the sand, but a well-designed logo can also draw their eyes to your promotional beach towel. It is absolutely worth the money to hire a designer to create your logo for you. Be open to different possibilities and don't be afraid to take risks. Your logo will take off with your business.