Advertise Your Business Even at the Beach! Find Out How

Advertise Your Business Even at the Beach! Find Out How

March 08, 2017
  Beach Towels

Are you planning on hitting the beach this summer? Do you always go to a beach house with a large group of friends and need a way to keep your beach towels separate? Do you have a business or service you're considering promoting? Consider getting a logo beach towel to display as you enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. Not only will you have a cute and functional beach towel to enjoy, but you'll also do the work of promoting your business or service with minimal effort. Bonus points if you order a whole bunch and give them away to friends or family for their use. They get a colorful, free beach towel, and you get additional marketing! A logo beach towel can also be a fun idea for an event like a wedding or a bachelorette party. 

Why a Beach Towel Versus a Bath Towel? 

If you're the kind of person who uses a bath towel at the beach, go out and get yourself a beach towel this instant! A beach towel is thinner than a bath towel (letting it often dry out faster), and generally longer and wider, so you can have full coverage between you and the sand. And, a beach towel is generally easier to shake sand out of than a bath towel, which has plenty of nooks and crannies for sand to get caught in. 

Plus, a beach towel is easily customizable, due to a flatter surface, and you can get anything from photos, to custom embroidery, or a logo emblazoned on a beach towel. 

How Effective Is a Logo Beach Towel? 

Beaches are a popular vacation destination, especially during the summer. Indeed, over 50% of people who responded to a global survey said they expected to hit the beach in the next year. With over 95,000 miles of shoreline in the United States and its territories, there are plenty of opportunities for you to hit the beach no matter where you are and display your custom beach towel with pride. 

And given that the most popular activity at the beach was walking, there should be a lot of foot traffic by your logo beach towel. It's human nature to look around at what other people are doing and inevitably, their gaze will fall on your towel. They may be intrigued and look the logo up at a later date or even remember seeing it if they see the logo somewhere else.

Where Can I Get a Logo Beach Towel? 

There's a variety of places you can get custom printed beach towels from and even better, there's a whole range of customization available to you, with just a quick Internet search. If you have a store in your area that specializes in logos, you can also try there. 

Even if you're not interested in creating a logo beach towel, you could commemorate a fun vacation or event with a photo beach towel, or create a beautiful gift for someone with a embroidered beach towel. 

Stretch out on the sand in luxury this summer with a logo beach towel advertising your goods and services. Who said you can't mix work and play?