A Commemorative Beach Towel That Is Both High Quality And Memorable!

March 20, 2013
  Beach Towels
At Beachtowels.com we proudly provide promotional beach towels to companies large and small. We offer high quality beach towels that, through embroidery or silkscreen, can be customized to suit any business’s needs. And based on our great customer feedback, we can proudly say that our custom beach towels serve as useful and unique marketing materials. However, use of our products need not be limited to marketing alone. We have seen many clients order personalized beach towels to commemorate company retreats or other company events. Particularly if you are treating your employees to a trip that involves a swimming pool or beach, our beach towels are a perfect choice for a commemorative gift. Using any of our silkscreen techniques, you can order your beach towels with your company's logo, along with the name of your retreat and the date, a funny caption that summarizes your retreat, or anything you like. For example, if your retreat has a theme like, "Reconnecting and Revitalizing!”, you could write the name of your company, that caption, and the words, "2013 Florida Retreat." Your employees are sure to appreciate the high quality of these beach towels, which can assist in the bonding and company growth that retreats usually are aiming for. As a bonus, the retreat attendees will surely take these towels to use at their own country clubs, swimming pools, and family vacations. Further, the commemorative gifts will serve as promotional beach towels , as well, so you'll be getting the best of both worlds! We have heard back from many satisfied customers about the success of these customized beach towels for company retreats and events. They always seem to be a hit! And we offer so many options as far as colors, sizes, styles, etc., that we are sure to meet your needs. Take some time to peruse all the options on our site, and contact us today for a quote. No more gift bags full of useless swag for your employees. Give them something they'll use for years – a commemorative beach towel that is both high quality and memorable! www.beachtowels.com or 800-255-0885