7 (Mostly) Great Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Beach Bum

7 (Mostly) Great Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Beach Bum

December 18, 2017
  Beach Towels

Did you know that in the United States and its territories there are roughly 95,471 miles of shoreline? That's a lot of viable beach area for your next vacation. If you know some snow birds who love to lounge in the sun, consider these great holiday gift ideas to warm up their winter.

1. Custom Printed Beach Towels

Everybody needs a towel to dry off after a dip in the ocean. Turn this boring necessity into a fun expression of that person's interests. You can also go classy and get them a set of custom embroidered beach towels with their initials.

2. Plastic Pail and Shovel

Whether they like digging holes or making sandcastles with their kids, they will need a bucket that's way too small and a shovel that will likely bend in half. What's the challenge in using proper tools?

3. Beach Chairs

This is lounging done right. Get your sun lover a set of matching folding lounge chairs for catching rays and relaxing in the sun.

4. Beach Umbrella

Any prepared beachgoer knows how important shade can be on a long day in the hot sun. Get a big umbrella this holiday season to prevent summer sunburns.

5. Sand

If you're on a shoestring budget, but want an ironic and infuriating gift idea for your special someone, go to your nearest beach, bring a jar, and collect some sand. If you don't live near a beach, hit the department store for an entire bag of the stuff. 

6. Volleyball

This is a bit better than sand (albeit a little less funny) because they will actually be able to use it next summer for pick-up beach volleyball tournaments. 

7. All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

If you want to do something spectacular for your loved one this year, get them a voucher for a Caribbean vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Pro-tip: don't actually book the vacation unless you know they are free for those dates.

From custom printed beach towels to simple sand, picking out a great gift for the beach bum in your life can be a breeze. Just as winter is at its worst, play an important role in warming them up with thoughts of next summer.