5 Businesses That Need High Quality Towels In Bulk

5 Businesses That Need High Quality Towels In Bulk

December 27, 2017
  Beach Towels

Unless you work on the Holden Towels team, high quality photo beach towels probably aren't a focus point of your business. That makes sense. But depending on the industry, photo beach towels are actually very beneficial items that can increase customer satisfaction and further your own branding efforts. 

A fast food restaurant probably doesn’t need too many custom beach towels unless they plan on completely revolutionizing the napkin industry. But there are plenty of businesses that do rely on these linens. Here are some businesses that need to order large towels in bulk in order to offer their customers the best possible experience. 

Vacation rental properties

Vacation rental property owners are almost always in need of high quality towels. Anyone who manages beachside vacation properties knows that their guests wouldn't even consider booking a stay if it weren’t for the beaches. And because roughly 53% of all beachgoers prefer to sunbathe, they need quality beach towels to do so. Custom, high quality beach towels create a sense of professionalism.

Retirement community centers

Increasingly, retirement communities are catering to active residents looking to maintain a fun, healthy lifestyle during their post-work years. As such, many modern retirement communities have more in common with high-end resorts than they do with nursing homes. To that end, it's it’s important they have beach towels in bulk for residents comfort and convenience. 

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

While they may not need colorful, vibrant beach towels, many healthcare facilities also need plenty of extra towels on hand. For water aerobics or physical rehabilitation, custom towels are an important amenity.

Luxury resorts and spas

There aren’t too many report and spa owners that don’t purchase wholesale towels for their businesses. Spa owners are always going to need more towels for their guests, and the higher the quality the better. However, everyone has stayed at a spa or hotel with low quality, paper thin towels. To create a true luxury experience, custom photo beach towels are essential.

Community recreation departments

Though beach towels should primarily be used for lounging by the pool or beach, they could also be used to cool down after a full day’s worth of play. Millions of kids across the United States participate in sporting events and other activities in community rec centers. Make sure they all have the equipment they need after a long day of running around and having fun. 

If you’re in charge of any of these types of facilities, or any other business that could use photo beach towels, contact Holden Towels today.