4 Reasons Why Custom Beach Towels are a Great Way to Promote Your Brand

4 Reasons Why Custom Beach Towels are a Great Way to Promote Your Brand

July 17, 2015
  Beach Towels

Have you reached a dead end with your marketing campaigns lately? Or perhaps you simply feel like freshening up your promotional strategy? Running a beach towel campaign is a highly effective way to raise awareness of your brand while simultaneously keeping marketing costs under control.

1. Brand awareness

It's definitely worth putting in the effort to make your customized towels as attention-grabbing as possible. With so many people going to the beach during the summer, having eye-catching towels circulate will lead to solid exposure for your brand.

2. Control over the medium

Custom beach towels allow you to fine-tune practically every element to fit both your brand and company image. As you have total control over the medium, it's possible to get creative with the colors and design to produce the desired effect. You can also choose the towel's material for maximum impact.

3. Suit a tight budget

When compared to other methods of advertising such as magazines or websites, beach towels offer a reasonably priced but effective weapon in your marketing arsenal. If you are looking to keep your promotional costs under control, then you may be interested in our Value Line which averages at just over $8 per towel.

4. Positive associations with your brand

In the mind of the consumer, beach towels evoke positive associations of sun-soaked, fun days. Whether it's going to the beach during summer vacation or swimming at the local pool, there is something magical about beach towels. Running a beach towel campaign is a fantastic way to connect your brand with positive feelings and pleasant memories. For further information or for a quote please visit www.BeachTowels.com or contact us at 800-290-6030.