4 Mistakes to Avoid With Custom Beach Towels

4 Mistakes to Avoid With Custom Beach Towels

February 19, 2015
  Beach Towels

Running a promotion with custom beach towels is a great way to increase exposure for your brand, but the process of creating the towels needs thorough consideration when designing. Whether you ask for help in your towel design or have a layout ready to go, here are four common mistakes to avoid when customizing beach towels.

Don’t Forget Color

Colorful beach towels attract attention on sunny days at the shore. When you are thinking of appropriate colors for your towels, think in the brightest terms without forgetting your brand identity. If you need suggestions, our staff has many years of experience helping companies design one-of-a-kind custom towels.

Don’t Underestimate Your Order

Consider how popular these items will be as promotional goods. Once customers start recognizing and using your branded towels, it gives way for more distribution, and the more you advertise the more dominant your presence will be.

Avoid Complicated Images

If it takes someone more than a few seconds to figure out the image on your towel, it is not working from a marketing standpoint. Keep your images simple so they translate immediately and allow people to grasp the brand image rather than fixating on some complicated artwork. Your company logo should be simple yet powerful.

Don’t Forget About Towel Materials

There is full range of thickness and towel styles available. Consider which weight and length works best for your audience. Heavyweight towels send a strong message to corporate partners, while lightweight towels may be enough for fast promotions tied to retail products you are trying to move. Materials matter when you are designing towels. Custom beach towels serve as a great marketing tool when you design and distribute them with the right approach. Let our team help you launch a beach towel promotion today! For question or a quote please visit www.BeachTowels.com or contact us at (800) 290-6030 .