4 Great Tips For Vacationing Without Breaking the Bank

4 Great Tips For Vacationing Without Breaking the Bank

July 16, 2018
  Beach Towels

Families love vacationing but they don't love spending a fortune. Approximately 77% of travelers (and 78% of Americans) cited the "estimated price of total vacation" as their top concern when choosing a beach vacation destination. 

So it's up to you to find some cheap and affordable ways to enjoy your next vacation. 

Here are some tips for having a week-long amazing family vacation without having to spend a fortune: 

Stick to a strict budget -- Use a budget that includes both large and small items that you are planning on spending money on during the trip. You need to plan for sporadic events, as well, but make sure you have enough money to spend on nice restaurants, cool activities, souvenirs, and any other important items you'll need during your vacation.


Buy some wholesale towels -- You and your family are certainly going to need plenty of towels for a week-long trip and you'll end up spending a significant amount of money on towels if you buy them individually. It's a much better idea to purchase some wholesale towels well before your trip -- you can even find some custom beach towels so your kids can have cool styles.


Travel during the off-season -- If you and your family can travel during the off-season, that's a much better option for affordable vacations. During the summer, vacation destinations are often extremely crowded with tourists and are much more expensive. It's a much better idea to travel early in the year and during autumn (keep in mind, however, tropic destinations can be more crowded during January and February.


Don't stay in a hotel -- No matter when you and your family go on a vacation, if you plan on staying in a hotel, you're going to spend a lot of money. You should try hotel alternatives to save money. Consider vacation rentals and Air BandB units, hostels, or staying with friends and family members nearby.

If you want to learn more about affordable vacationing and find some high-quality wholesale towels for the entire family, give Holden Towels a call today. Who knows, maybe after saving all this money you’ll be able to go on multiple family vacations. If that’s the case, have fun on your trips!