3 Types of People and Groups That Require Different Types of Beach Towels

3 Types of People and Groups That Require Different Types of Beach Towels

April 03, 2017
  Beach Towels

When you're selling beach towels, it's important to consider what types of people will be using these products. Whether it's for leisure or business, there are many types of beach towels for different situations. Here are a few types of individuals and groups that require different kinds of beach towels. 

Active Individuals

Although custom and beautifully designed beach towels can and do look great, people who are extremely active in and around the water would likely care more about the quality of the towel rather than the appearance. According to a global traveling survey, the most popular beach activities are walking (70%) and swimming (65%). Swimming is an activity that burns plenty of calories, because it involves so many parts of the body. Active swimmers can burn up to 900 calories during one hour of swimming. If you're selling beach towels to these active swimmers, make sure you spend more time on the actual quality and feel of the towel and not just the appearance. 

Vacationers Relaxing at the Beach

Relaxing is another big reason people come to the beach. If you're planning on selling to frequent beach goers who aren't as active as their swimming counterparts, perhaps you should consider custom made beach towels that are as visually appealing as they are large. These towels have to be larger than normal because families of three, four, five, or more are often the ones using these towels and need plenty of space at the beach. 

Businesses Looking to Build Their Brand

Custom beach towels with a company's logo on them can be great for an organization's branding strategy. If you're selling wholesale beach towels to an organization looking to market its own image, let them know the importance of brand awareness and customization. They'll be able to customize the size of their logo on the towel, as well any other message they want included. 

If you want to learn more about the various types of beach towels and to whom you should be selling them, contact Holden Towels today.