3 Reasons Why Your Hotel Guests Will Need Beach Towels

3 Reasons Why Your Hotel Guests Will Need Beach Towels

January 15, 2018
  Beach Towels

If you're running a hotel, it's your job to make sure that all of your guests are as happy as possible. That means you and everyone on your staff needs to be smiling at all times and doing everything in your power to accommodate every guest. It's everyone at your establishment's job to help them with anything they might need. 

Providing them with custom promotional beach towels, for example, is an extremely important aspect of running a hospitality business -- even though the majority of people might not believe it to be. Without enough custom promotional beach towels stocked in every room throughout your hotel, your guests will likely have a stressful time during their vacation, subsequently causing them to complain about your business and eventually leading to fewer hotel guests. 

Here are a few of the main reasons -- some obvious, some not so much -- why your hotel guests will need custom beach towels during their stay at your hotel: 

  • To dry off -- The quickest way to anger your guests is to not have enough towels in the bathroom or closet inside the hotel room, especially if they shower first. If your guest steps out of the shower or hotel pool and reaches for a towel only to find an empty rack with a solitary, flimsy white towel, they will be furious (not to mention freezing). Don't let that happen.
  • To lounge on the beach -- No one wants to sit down on nothing but sand while at the beach because they will be cleaning sand off themselves for months afterwards. Roughly 53% of beachgoers prefer to take naps while relaxing at the beach, so make sure there are plenty of nice towels for them to do so.
  • To clean up hotel spills -- Even though your staff will be in charge of cleaning up these hotel spills, your guests will at least want to dry them off and do a light clean beforehand. Having extra towels in each room will help your guests clean up after themselves, or at least try to.

Clearly your guests are relying on having plenty of high quality towels to use during their stay. Don't unnecessarily upset them and keep each room stocked with plenty of high quality towels. To find high quality custom promotional beach towels, contact Holden Towels today.