3 Great Customized Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

3 Great Customized Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

February 01, 2018
  Beach Towels

You're getting married! How exciting. You've purchased the dresses, planned the honeymoon, and booked the rehearsal dinner restaurant. All the hard stuff is over. 

Your bridesmaids have been there with you through it all. They've gone to all your dress appointments, helped you pick out your flowers, and threw you an amazing bridal shower. Now it's time to thank them with the perfect bridesmaid gifts. 

Choosing a gift for your bridesmaids can be difficult. These girls are so close to you and they mean the world to you. You want to get them something special that will truly express how important they are to you and how thankful you are for their help planning your special day. 

The best way to show your bridesmaids all of these things is a customized gift! Receiving something with their name on it will show your girls that you went the extra mile, just like they did for you. Not sure what to customize for them? Here are some great ideas for your squad.


Give your bridesmaids something to wear to the bachelorette party, to the shower, or something to get ready in on the wedding day with a customized t-shirt. Whether it has a catchy phrase or everyone's name, it will be so special to have matching shirts during the wedding festivities. 

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are an awesome gift to give to your girls, especially custom ones. This is a gift they can use well after the wedding is over, and at many different wedding events as well.

Beach Towels

Several different types of beach towels would be perfect gifts to give your bridesmaids. Custom beach towels are adorable gifts that your girls can use for a lifetime. Imagine you and your bridesmaids on the beach with your matching towels. How cute! Swimming is a great way to get aerobic exercise in on a regular basis and is the fourth most popular sports activity in the U.S., so your bridesmaids are bound to use their embroidered towels well after the wedding!

If you're looking for a gift for your bride tribe, think about getting a customized gift! Different types of beach towels, wine glasses, or t-shirts are just some great examples that would make beautiful custom gifts.