2 Effective and Low-Cost Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

2 Effective and Low-Cost Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

July 09, 2018
  Beach Towels

As a business owner or operator, you are probably always trying to think of new ways to help promote and expand your business. If you're lucky enough, you might have a marketing team that works tirelessly to come up with ideas, but if you're like many small business owners, it's up to you.

Luckily, it's the digital age and not only has advertising online become easy and efficient, but you also have access to virtually unlimited data to help you in your endeavor. If you've stumbled across this post, then you're about to consume just a tiny fraction of that data, because here are two easy ways to market your company offline using guerrilla marketing. 

Pop-Up Shop

Whether you offer a product or a service, a pop-up location can be a great way to market your brand as well as create instantaneous business. Even if you offer a niche product or service that is hard to sell to cold customers, you can still do a lot for your brand. Consider placing a pop-up shop near a beach and giving away towels with your logo on them. Custom promotional beach towels are basically perpetual marketing, as there are roughly 95,741 miles of shoreline in the U.S. and its territories. People will bring your towel to the beach and use it for years, all while exposing the world to your company. You could sell a towel in California and have someone take it to Virginia, Florida, or even a different continent. You can easily purchase wholesale beach towels too, making it an effective strategy.


Everybody loves stickers, right? Most people would be happy to put your sticker somewhere. While one person might put the sticker on their laptop or suitcase, another person might slap it to a street lamp or building. That's untapped exposure potential, and as long as you didn't go put it out there yourself (vandalism is inherently bad), it's a foolproof plan. Similar to wholesale beach towels, you can get large quantities of stickers for a relatively low price, making it an economic tactic as well. 

Even though there are far more techniques out there, these are just a few to get you started. If you like them, who knows, you might never need to change your strategy again.

Like the towel idea and are looking for wholesale beach towels? Give us a call today.